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Assessment of damage to the educational infrastructure of the city of Chernihiv

The project "Assessment of damage to the educational sphere of the city of Chernihiv" is designed to help the city, which was subjected to Russian terror, to prepare for the restoration of the damaged educational infrastructure and to improve the educational process.

It is implemented by the public organization “Osvit”, which is part of the NGO “Re:Osvita”.

  • This project is supported by the Embassy of Finland in Ukraine.
  • Implementation period: April 2022 - still ongoing
"Chernihiv, as the Northern fortress of our country, suffered enormous destruction at the hands of the Russian army. With our project, we want to help the city assess the damage caused to the educational infrastructure, develop a step-by-step recovery plan that will help determine the priorities of reconstruction and attract the necessary funds, and re-establish the educational process. This plan will include not only the infrastructural aspect, but also the broader strategic dimensions of the educational recovery of the affected city. In particular, this includes new approaches to the educational environment, management in education, professional development of teachers, etc.,”

Hanna Novosad

project manager and board member of NGO "Re:Osvita", former Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine (2019-2020).

As a result of the bombing of Chernihiv by the Russian army, the following were destroyed:
  • 37
    kindergartens out of 52 in the city
  • 27
    schools out of 34 in the city
  • 5
    VET institutions out of 5 in the city

The project includes three phases:

You can follow up-to-date information about the progress of the project on Anna Novosad's Facebook page: cutt.ly/sZNPuoH