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NUS: Roadmap for the basic and upper secondary school reform

The successful implementation of the New Ukrainian School reform directly depends on effective cooperation between all interested and involved in the change educational managers, teachers, parents, relevant experts and NGOs. The proposed Roadmap is an attempt to offer a dynamic tool for cooperation that will help all stakeholders to effectively plan their activities for the success of the reform.

The Roadmap presents an analysis of the state of implementation of the reform, as well as formulates further key implementation areas that need to be addressed. Based on the collected data, specific tasks and steps that need to be taken to continue the successful implementation of transformations in the basic secondary school are proposed, and guidelines for the implementation of the transition to the upper secondary school are identified.

The document was formed in expert discussions. It was widely discussed and presented to educational managers, including representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the State Service for Education Quality (SSEQ), the Ukrainian Institute of Education Development (UIED), the The Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment, as well as more than 500 heads of local education departments and school principals.

  • The project was implemented with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation
  • Implementation period: 2020-2022
"The New Ukrainian School is a reform that belongs to all interested communities. Its success depends not only on the Ministry of Education and Science, but also on the coordination of actions of educators, state and public organizations, experts, and various groups in society. Everyone has their own job. In order for it to be done qualitatively, there is a significant lack of a step-by-step plan that would give each participant in the process a common understanding of the changes, as well as the tasks assigned to his field", —

Lilia Hrynevych

the board chairwoman of Re:Osvita, minister of education and Science of Ukraine, 2016-2019

"There have been many reforms in Ukraine in the field of secondary education, but almost all of them have been poorly implemented. The new Ukrainian school was the first reform that changed the processes in educational institutions. Why is it so important to think what to do next? Because the New Ukrainian "School has managed to win the trust of parents, the trust of teachers, and, most importantly, gives good results for students. According to research, 80% of parents see positive changes in their children. Obviously, further implementation is worth the effort", —

Anna Novosad

member of the board of NGO Re:Osvita, minister of education and Science of Ukraine, 2019-2020

  • 81.5%
    of the surveyed parents of pilot school students are positive about the NUS reform.