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Prospects of Social and Emotional Learning in NUS

Analytical overview "Opportunities for the implementation of social and emotional learning in the NUS reform" is a document that clearly shows the current state and further opportunities for the introduction of social and emotional learning within the reforming school education in Ukraine. It is of value to both teachers and educational leaders, as it not only explain the current state of affairs in the education system, but also clearly shows what is the social and emotional learning (SEL), as well as its key implications for the development of the Ukrainian education system.

The project was initiated by the NGO “Institute of Leadership, Innovation and Development” and implemented in partnership with the NGO Re:Osvita, NGO EdCamp Ukraine, NGO Institute for Educational Development, Institute of Higher Education of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine; Kyiv Borys Hrinchenko University, Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment.

  • The project was implemented with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation.
  • Implementation period: 2020-2021
"We all want happiness and success for our children. We all want healthy relationships, mutual respect and cooperation to prevail in society. To do this, the school should provide to children not only knowledge, but also soft skills, including resilience, ability to work in teams, solve complex problems and not succumb to difficulties. Social and emotional learning is a good tool that allows schools to do this. Unfortunately, teachers have not yet fully mastered it, though research shows that teachers are open to the new and ready to learn more"

Lilia Hrynevych

the board chairwoman of Re:Osvita

Leading scientists and educational managers were involved in the preparation of the study. For a precision of the results, a survey was conducted among the schools that participated in the pilot implementation of SEL in schools.
  • 91.5%
    of teachers surveyed within the study are ready to acquire and/or improve the previously acquired competencies, as well as appropriate methods, techniques, tools for the implementation of social and emotional learning.
  • 7.4%
    of the surveyed educators indicated that during the last 12 months they participated in one of the in-service training programs aimed at the full implementation of social and emotional learning in school, the development of social and emotional and ethical competencies.