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Professional Standard of a New Generation Teacher

Teacher’s professional standard - is a state level document, which defines the expected professional competences of a teacher. It also provides guidance for the pre-service and in-service teacher training institutions.

The draft teacher’s professional standard developed by the NGO Re:Osvita and foundation “Step by step” was finalized by the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine and adopted in December 2020.

  • The project was implemented with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation
  • January-December 2020
“The draft teacher’s professional standard, developed by our team, was finalized by the working group and the Ministry experts. At this stage the initial draft was changed. Though the proposed structure remained, changes have been introduced to some of the definitions, while the most of the amendments have been made to the levels of competences development in accordance with various qualificational categories”

Liliia Hrynevych

Board chairwoman of the Re:Osvita

  • 62%
    of teachers are ready to apply the proposed professional standard in their work.
  • 81%
    of teachers acknowledged that the standard was clear to them.

The document describes 5 main working spheres of teachers:

Each of the spheres encompassess three professional competencies, The standard foresees also 5 cross-cutting competencies which a teacher is ought to possess in order to teach children these competencies.

Download the developed methodological guidance book “Professional standard of a teacher”